Bikini Criteria



Bikini consists of two parts: Group Comparisons and Individual Presentations. Two-piece suits and high-heeled shoes are worn for both parts of the contest. Suits can be of any style, color, pattern and decor.


Judging Criteria

Judging is based on having an overall healthy-looking toned body with good symmetry, shape, fullness, balance and proportion with good poise, posture, confidence, stage presence and comfortable presentation. Other factors that can affect overall appearance are skin tone, complexion, suit fit, hair and make-up. Bikini competitors should not display an abundance of muscle size, deep muscle separation, or muscle striations.


Group Comparisons

Each class is brought to front center stage and is guided through half turns to display physique from the front and back. Competitors are also asked to walk to the back of the stage as a group, then return to the front when directed. Flexibility is permitted in stances, but at times a head judge may request a group all be in a particular one. Typically if a judge makes a specific request for front stances it is just to face directly forward so contestants aren’t twisted in various angles. If a judge requests a specific form for rear stances it is typically with a slight bend forward and ankles either pretty muscular woman posing on white backgroundshoulder width apart, or crossed. Specific arm and hand positioning is usually not called.


Individual Presentations

The individual presentation portion is a stage walk. Competitors walk out to music to rear center stage and pause briefly in a stance of choice. Competitors then walk up to front center stage and perform half turns to show front and back views of their physiques, then walk to one side of the stage and pause briefly in a stance of choice, then to the opposite side of the stage and pause briefly in a stance of choice, then to the front center of the stage and pause briefly in a stance of choice before exiting. Individual presentations should be done tastefully and be conducive to a family atmosphere.